Michigan Dam Breach Videos

The Edenville Dam and Sanford Lake Dam failures were unprecedented, but it’s hard to understand the impact of such an event — and the subsequent flooding — if it’s not something you’ve seen before. It caused the declaration of a state of emergency in Michigan.

The incident received immediate coverage in national news outlets.

As well as local news stations.

Residents spoke of a “surreal” experience.

DOW Chemical, located nearby, was forced to enter emergency protocol as well.

A number of citizens on the ground in Midland County, Michigan, were able to capture video of the flooding and show the true consequences the disaster will have on towns throughout the area.

Some were able to see the floodwaters’ spread from above.

Certain overhead shots truly show the devastation the flood wreaked on communities, with flooded cars and submerged homes.

As do videos from on the ground.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been addressing Michigan’s response to the flooding, especially as they wrangle with the COVID-19 pandemic.